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Tab Management FAQ


1. Download Tab Management from our Download Center

2. Go into the “Tab Management” menu.

3.  Close all your tabs and Restart your browser to complete the installation.

1. Can the auto-mode feature be turned off?

Answer- The auto-mode feature can be turned off easily from the tab management menu by clicking on “Turn OFF” And restating your web browser.

2. Can the Manual and auto-lock be used together?

Answer- Yes, simply Press the CTRL+SHIFT+L shortcut whenever you want to manually open or close a tab.

3. Does Tab Management commit to back up your data in case of loss?

Answer- No, Tab management will not restore the data in cases of software malfunction (example: shut down) or your hardware malfunction. However, it can help prevent closing important tabs, while using the browser.

4. Can a specific website be prevented to be closed?

Answer- Yes, Use the URL always lock function after the first interaction feature, as the name suggests, the site will be locked only after the first interaction with the page.

5. Do we use a high amount of ram/resources?

Answer- No, tab management is a low-sized, well-optimized program, it will help you reduce the number of resources by highlighting your important tabs (and as a result, you can close the other which are might be less relevant).

6. Do we support tab management?

Answer- Yes, for adjustment of the program to your personal business needs or any other support please contact us at

*Due to Chrome limitation’s, the auto-lock function can only preform after the first interaction (click) on-page, therefore the situation of a web page opened without any user interaction would result in a false indication of the lock symbol (the lock function will only be triggered after any interaction with the page or lock & unlock it with the manual CTRL+SHIFT+L: press,  use lock/unlock toggle).


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