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About Tab Managment

The Problem

We identified 3 main problems with our web browsers’ productivity today;

   1. Tab Cluster.
2. Unexpected closure of tabs.
3. The Web Browser slowing down your computer.

Too many tabs open at the same time can turn a web browser into a cluttered mess, forcing the user to waste their time as they locate the tabs they actually need. And when those important tabs are mistakenly closed, the loss of data can cost the user even more time and money. Until now, web browsers did not have a tool or extension that addresses these productivity problems.


Our solution to these issues is:



Tab Management is a web browser extension/ Add-On that is a system of productivity tools to automatically enhance your web browsing experience to its full potential.  For example to prevent web browser tab cluster and accidental closure.

Tab Management also allows the user to choose specific websites to place in a Locked URL List, permanently arranges these websites in an organized list of tabs, and highlights tabs that have been locked in place. Tab Management is currently available for free in the Google Chrome store, Microsoft Edge Add-On, Firefox ADD-On.

Tab Management has shown excellent results, with a 4.5-star rating.  

We strive to offer the best user experience possible, with superb productivity solutions and frequent updates. We are going to take Tab Management to the next level, by adding support for popular web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and mobile web browser for android chrome OS as well as Chromebook.  We are also going to introduce premium features that will drastically improve the technology and user experience of the extension.


Tab Management team

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