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Tab Management Tutorial Videos


 Tab Management Auto Lock – Automatically Manages and Locks priority Tabs for the user to prevent web browser tabs accidental closure and cluster.

Pin Lock

Tab Management Pin lock will allow to secure web browser tabs with a simple 4 digit PIN to prevent unwanted views of tabs and secure them from data exposure.

Tab Terminator

Tab Management Terminator will handle automatic closing of unused Tabs in order to keep the Tab cluster mass under control.   Creating a web browsing experience that is fast and efficient.

Web-Browser lock

Tab Management Web-Browser Lock will secure your web browser with 4 digit Pin Lock to prevent sensitive data exposure and unwanted usage of your web browser.

Manual Tab Lock

Tab Management Manual Tab Lock will offer a manual option to lock a specific tab.  You have 2  manual options:

1. Manual toggle –  Right-click on the desired tab > Toggle Lock / Unlock.

2. HotKey- press CTRL+SHIFT+L

Locked URL List

Tab Management Locked URL List allows the user to add specific websites to an organized list that will always stay locked preventing unwanted closure of those specific tabs in the list.


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