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Google Extensions – Tab Terminator

Google Extensions – Tab Terminator
Tab Terminator

Introducing- Tab Terminator

Tab Terminator

The Tab Management Terminator will handle automatic closing of Web Browser unused Tabs in order to keep the Tab cluster mass under control.  Creating a web browsing experience that is fast, easy and efficient.

Close inactive tabs automatically after a certain time has passed

Google Extensions Tab Terminator


If you’re the kind of person who ends up with dozens, or even hundreds of tabs open while you’re browsing, Tab Terminator is well worth your attention. Going one step further than The Great Suspender, it works by closing tabs that you haven’t used or very small interaction with determined as unimportant tab by its sophisticated algoritam. If that sounds alarming, don’t worry –Tab Terminator will not close that unused tabs without your permission.

Tab Terminator is brilliant for tab-addicts, It will even save your page from closing by promoting  a pop up “Are you sure you want to close?” as well as it will ask for your permission to close unused tabs ahead of time.

The Tab Terminator is part of the Tab Management Chrome extension/  Microsoft Edge Add-ons as one of the main features and tools to enhance your web-browser.

Available onGoogle Chrome Store Google Extensions Tab Terminator  Microsoft Edge Add-ons   Google Extensions Tab Terminator 

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